Thursday, 2 June 2011

Was there really no gray? Not even a strand?

Hey Claudey

Look what I found.

I stared and I stared and I shrieked,(really did) out loud. I heard myself gasp.

It's you and me. Years ago. Before you left and moved and started your beautiful little family. Can we talk about me for a second now? Look at my shiny shiny hair. LOOK Claude. OMG (and I dont say that lightly) I had NO gray hair. ZILCH. What the hell happened? I could buy a pimped up people carrier (although I'm not sure why I'd want to) with what I've spent on hair colouring products since that photo was taken.

I'm off to feel sorry for myself, and for my hair; my long gone, all one colour naturally, shiny head of hair. Yes I can hear the smallest violin in the world playing for me. It's playing something from Hair.

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