Thursday, 14 July 2011

Like, the stoopidest poster ever?

Winter is here...

I am freezing! Hence the uber-scarf I'm wearing. Welcome to Melbourne in July!

Jnr Snr was terribly excited that he could see his breath this morning. All we need now is snow....

The Things that kept me from Blogging this Week...

Hmmm, knitting. Yes, I'm knitting. A lot. And I think I am loving it just a little bit too much.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

It's Summer time...

My brother has four children. And I love them all. They make my life seem brighter and shinier. I love the way they giggle and talk back at me. It’s cute. Not for their parents maybe but I love it.

Their cheekiness reminds me that they have not yet learnt to conform, say the right stuff, be grown up. I love that.

This is Summer. She is three. She turns four in two weeks time. She is their third child. She is delicious. The sunniest, happiest, giggliest little girl I have ever come across. Granted I don’t come across thousands of kids but I know in my place of knowing that this little girl is sunshine in a bottle.

If she was a scent she would be jasmine and mint and strawberries and pepper. She’s a spicy, determined, light hearted little smudge of a thing.

Her skipping makes me smile. Her crazy little head of curls make me laugh. She’s eager and earnest and brave. She stands up for herself and makes sure no-one forgets she is there.

She loves the girly stuff and dives into my make up bag asking for lipstick whenever we are together. She tells me my hair is pretty and wears my jewellery whenever she can. She still loves dressing up. Some of these outfits she will regret in about 12 years time. Of this I am sure (sorry sweetie but I had to post this one of you).

I want her to stay like this for as long as she can. She’s going to be amazing. I hope she remembers her strong spirit and her sparkly sparkle.

I love this kid. She makes my heart shine. I’m delighted she is in my life. I am grateful that I am in hers.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Breakfast to go (How I almost choked to death on a piece of chorizo)

I normally get a coffee and a tub of Burcher Muesli with yoghurt for breakfast on the days I work in town. This morning I thought I’d live dangerously and grab a scrambled egg and chorizo muffin. I couldn’t wait to get into the office so I took my first bite while waiting at the tram stop. I inadvertently inhaled a piece of chorizo. It flew down my windpipe, causing me to cough and splutter like a lunatic. I tried to clear the chorizo by taking a sip of coffee. This did nothing to help and I continued to choke furiously, my nose and eyes streaming.

Dangerous indeed.

I nearly died. Almost. Well, I could have.

At the tram stop clutching a muffin and a takeaway coffee cup.


I read MI5 are recruiting at the moment. Perhaps I'll give that a miss. I don't seem to be able to do inconspicuous very well.