Sunday, 7 August 2011

elbow, an obsession of sorts...

Guy Garvey, elbow [live @ The Palace, Melbourne July 27, 2011
Photo by C. Berrisford

A couple of weeks ago I saw elbow live in Melbourne.



Guy Garvey. Sigh.

His lyrics leave me in wonder. And in love with language, life and my Mr Right.

[and with Guy. Just a little... Shhh]

For example...

Dear friends
You are angels and drunks

You are magi

Old friends
You stuck a pin in a map I was in
And you are the stars I navigate home by...

Dear Friends, Build a Rocket Boys! elbow 2011

You know you drive me up the wall

I need to see your face that's all
You little sod, I love your eyes

Be everything to me tonight...

Station Approach, Leaders of the Free World, elbow 2005

Sunday morning blissfullness...

The sound of boys playing with trains and toys while my coffee grows cold. I wait. I listen. Will they fight? No. Harmony. A nice change.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Here comes the rain. Again.

Melbourne is back on form. After a week of Spring like temperatures, the weather has asserted itself as the bastard it is. Wet. Cold. Miserable.

Thank God it is Friday.

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If only my eyes were a camera...

As I left my office just now the first thing that caught my eye was a brief vignette.

A man, sitting on the footpath, shabbily dressed, holding a handwritten cardboard sign asking for money.

A man walking past, well dressed, swinging his Louis Vuitton briefcase, chatting on his iPhone.

Two very different worlds.

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