Saturday, 4 June 2011

These things I love...

Hey Claudey Claude. How are you lovely friend? It' Sunday and it's been an odd weekend so I thought I'd share some things i am grateful for.

This dog has my heart. Scout. She collapsed out on a walk yesterday and has been in dog hospital since. I'm bereft at the thought of her alone and in pain. She's in good hands is what I tell myself, but I'm still blinking away the tears. Get better baby girl.

This little guy. I heart him. Very very much. He's my hero. Young Ace. He's 6 and has already gone through so much in his short life. He picks up sticks. All the time. He's telling me here that the sticks are for a fire so that he 'can grill fruit'. He has my heart. I said that already but it's important.

This blog. I am obsessed and I don't care admitting it. This week I was off sick with a deathly cold (I dramatise for dramatic effect) but I was actually quite unwell. Then I found Pioneer Woman. Best of all, I found her saga on how she met Marlboro Man. Lordy, I loved it! I stayed up for HOURS reading it all. She has a ranch. I want a ranch.

These tomato plants. Surviving a horrid little squirrel who keeps burrowing in their pots to find the flippin' nuts he buried in winter. Grrrrr. That squirrel needs to die. I reqularly shout and bang on the kitchen door as he approaches along the fence SAS stylee to have a good scratch and scrabble in my bloody tomato plants. I digress, I am grateful for the tomato plants. But now I'm thinking of the bloody squirrel again. I may not have a ranch but this chick sure can grow tomaytee plants yes sireeee.

This link. Man I laugh every time. It's the boy I heart and his two sisters. All singing the fabulous and almost overplayed Adele track. I love these kids. They have a baby sister too but she's not singing yet. The Jackson 5 they are not but they are mine (as close as) and I'm in love with them.

That's my 5 fabulous things. Over and out.

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Claudine said...

Oh I LOVE you favourite things! Although I think I love the squirrel too. Such tenacity! We don't have squirrels here so I'm overly fond of them the way one is when one doesn't have to deal with them on a daily basis. Forgive me.

I knew we were separated at birth chick. Have I ever told you about my inner-hillbilly?