Saturday, 4 June 2011

I'll see your violin...

Oh I love that photo! It was taken the night of our leaving do in Manchester. The night all our lovely, lovely friends gathered to wish us farewell. I have a photo of Mr Right and I taken the same night that now sits framed by my bed. We look so young, so pretty and so very, very drunk.

Sadly I've had grey hair for ages so I don't share your shock at suddenly realising one's features [be it hair, skin or body shape] appears to have irrevocably changed, forever. I realised recently that since having kids my hair has lost its lovely curls. One of those things I suppose. Something I can't change but really can't spend too much time worrying about or it becomes a focus and, inevitably, an issue.

So, I buy one more product that promises to 'wake lazy curls' [honestly it did say that and honestly, I actually bought it...], keep calm and carry on.
As for your beautiful [albeit greying hair], I hear your violin and I raise you a cello.

p.s. my hairdresser tells me to save my money and colour my hair at home. Find a decent packet colour at Boots, making sure it covers grey and get yourself that people mover woman!

Image by Pixomar at Free Digital Photos
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Anita said...

Claude, if I go into Boots I get stalked by a crazy security guard who thinks I'm stealing.

I love the idea that curls can be lazy. Does that mean they have days when they wake up and think 'hell no, I aint bothering with curling up today'.