Monday, 7 November 2011

Missing Anita

Anita and I caught up for real, in the flesh in a non-Skype kind of way in late September.

We were in the UK on a five week holiday and she caught a train. up to Manchester.

You know those friends you have where days, weeks, even years can pass between drinks yet as soon as you see each other at a party, at the hello-gates at the airport or on the concourse at Manchester Piccadilly you could swear you'd only seen each other yesterday? Well, that is what Anita and I are lucky enough to have in each other.

We had a fab time hanging out, chatting, eating, harassing the poor girls at the Bobbi Brown counter at Selfridges but best of all laughing.

I only have a handful of friends who I can spend an entire day with and laugh, cry, bare my soul then laugh again.

It is a wonderful thing.

I am blessed beyond belief to be able to call Anita a friend.  As I sit here at the other side of the planet from where she is, I can honestly say I miss her oceans.

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